Fetishized Confections is a home-based bakery. Our approach to dessert is very different than the average bakery. We specialize in all kinds of sex related baked goods like cookies, candy, cupcakes, butt cakes, boob cakes, and of course, the classic dick cake.  We are a DELIVERY ONLY bakery, but that's not the most important thing. The food is what makes us truly unique.  We are unapologetically kinky and believe that food should not only be enjoyed-it should be experienced. We promote sexual positivity through food and allow you to embrace your sexuality in the most decadent ways imaginable.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had the thrill of tasting baked goods shaped like genitals.  Fetishized Confections has absolutely no filter when it comes to its creations, so in other words, nothing is off limits. So why not let us whip-up whatever your imagination can come up with.  Check out Fetishized Confections for your exclusive sexual treats.   Our products can be viewed online.  Please use the Contact Us for ordering and pricing.   Orders will be delivered in-person and may not be resold.


Indianapolis, Indiana 46229


Tel: 317-622-1300


Open 24/7

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